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    Have Child – Be Humbled

    It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. -Saint Augustine So I am convinced I have one of the loudest little people in all existence. For being so tiny she sure has a set of lungs… and no shortage of attitude. A couple of weekends ago we (rather unexpectedly) bought a car – hello new mom car! If you have ever purchased a car, particularly from a dealership, you know it is NOT a short venture. G was great! By “great” I mean in the typical active kid sense – like not sitting in your lap nicely flipping through a book, eating…

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    Dear Mystery Man

    I struggled with whether or not to post this story or not, but decided to go ahead. This is a little more “personal” in my opinion than I normally like to go online, but I just had to share how important this moment was for me. As most of you know, my husband is a LEO, which means crappy work hours…. kidding, but no seriously. A lot of times the only way we get to see him is if we meet him at work for a meal, or a quick “oh heeeeyyyy” while running my errands and he’s in between calls, or if he meets us at the park in…

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    What Defines You?

    This post started out as sort of a depressing thought I was having at the end of my husbands long work weekend. For those of who who don’t know my hubby is a LEO. And for those of you who may live under rocks, they, like doctors, firefighters, nurses, etc. work ridiculously stupid long hours.

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    The greatest gift you can give to your child… Thoughts on siblings

    Some of you may already know this, but I am the second oldest of 8 children. Six boys and two girls. There are 22 years between my oldest sibling and my youngest sibling. I waited 17 years to get a sister (the youngest). No twins, no adoptions, no step-siblings. My older brother and his wife had their first baby 2 weeks before my youngest sister was born (Father of the Bride anyone?!).

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    To #ashtag or not to #ashtag, that is the question.

    So this year, I stumbled across the hashtag, “ashtag” (say that 10x fast). Where you take a selfie of you and your ashes after attending Ash Wednesday Mass or Prayer Service and post it to social media. My first thought was hey that’s cool! What a fun way to kick off the season of Lent with my fellow Catholics, or other denominations that celebrate the practice/season of Lent. I saw a post by Leah Darrow – “fASHion advice: Dirt is the new black this season” with an image that said, “Be fASHionable this Wednesday, go to Mass.” Cute play on words, no?

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    Hi there! So I am jumping on the blogger-bandwagon, not because I live the most glamorous or interesting lifestyle, or feel overly impelled to share it with the world, but really because I stumbled upon this article by Joshua Becker on 15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog.