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Celebrating 2 Years of Marriage!

Celebrating two years of marriage to this hunk 🙂

Perfect wedding day picture!

This year we are having to be a little flexible as he is pushing an 18hr workday on our actual anniversary :/ so our celebration will happen later on in the week. BUT, one of the things we want to do is establish the tradition of going through our wedding pictures and watch our wedding video every year. I am looking forward to continuing this as we have more kids and as they get older, you know, so they can see how good we used to look, jk! (but not really). I think it’s important to relive that special moment and include your littles in the fun!

Spring wedding - Ben Vigil PhotoBen Vigil Photography

Our wedding day seems like it was just yesterday, but ages ago all at the same time! We didn’t have a massive budget for our wedding – which meant lot’s of creativity and asking people to help. There were several family and friends who went above and beyond to make our day beautiful. I am forever grateful for them, as it wouldn’t have been nearly as stunning as it was! (you all know who you are & we love you!!)

First prayer as husband and wife

My hubby might kill me, but I am going to share one of these anyways. The picture on his face when I walked down the aisle towards him is priceless and something that is burned into my memory. When I walked towards him that day the amount of love, respect, excitement, literally overflowed out of him in the form of tears. Of course I cried, but that is expected 😉 I picked the least “weepy” face pic hehe.

Groom cries at bride in dress

Something that money cannot purchase, and you cannot DIY, are those raw, genuine, heartfelt, emotional moments. My wedding was full of those memories. From the time my dad saw me coming out of the elevator in my dress (and we both bawled like babies), to the long group hug from my 7 siblings, to the moment I had to stop the lady from opening the church doors to give my dad and I and extra second to regain our composure, to the moment my eyes saw my soon to be hubby weeping with happiness, to each of my siblings embracing my mom, as my dad escorted me toward the altar, to the moment where I was able to stop and kiss my grandfather on his forehead, to my mom dancing into the reception hall like she was Paula Abdul, to the ridiculously funny “Haka initiation” dance my siblings performed at the reception. Those are the types of things that make a wedding meaningful, beautiful, and ultimately unforgettable.

Bride and father see each other for the first time Father of bride tears

Bride and grandfatherfamily watches bride

Sibling wedding day hugSecond kiss wedding

Sibling wedding haka initiation

I am so grateful for those moments, and so grateful to have been able to share them with everyone I love and care for most. If I could talk to my “pre-wedding” self – I would say take a deep breath, don’t take everything so seriously! The moments you are going to remember and cherish the most aren’t going to be bought, crafted, or tasted. They are going to be the memories shared with the people you love, celebrating the beginning of the next beautiful chapter in your book.

Spring Wedding BenVigilPhoto

Ah.. well two years, a dog, a car, a house, and a baby later (plus a whole lot more craziness in between) and I love you more than the day I married you. Happy anniversary to the most dedicated, hard working, loyal, always makin’ me laugh, my baby’s daddy, love of my life! Marriage has been the greatest adventure of my life by far and I’m blessed to have found this guy to experience it with!

Family Portrait - Amy Jo Photography

xox – J

*Wedding photographs were taken by Ben Vigil Photography. Family photograph by Amy Jo Photography.

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