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My Go-To Summer Coffee Drink: Cold Brew Mocha Iced Coffee (Easy Recipe!)

This post is sponsored by Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I like coffee. Like, a lot. In all its forms, I just find it glorious. Even the smell gives me warm fuzzies! I generally love drinking it in the morning before the kids are up – with a splash of cream, a pinch of stevia and my favorite collagen. But also LOVE it anytime of day over ice! It’s the perfect refreshing drink on a hot day or if I need an extra pep in my step during a busy week.

Many of us are already in the midst of those long hot Summer days, so I wanted to share my favorite summer coffee drink! (cause lets face it, drinking hot coffee in 100 degree weather isn’t all that enjoyable).

Mocha Cold Brew

I use Chameleon ColdBrew Concentrate, and trust me, once you try it there’s no going back! This coffee concentrate is expertly crafted and brewed to perfection. Chameleon only uses sustainably grown and ethically sourced organic specialty grade coffee beans. Another thing I love about Chameleon ColdBrew Concentrate, is with every purchase, you are supporting their mission to develop long-term economic and environmental sustainability throughout the coffee supply chain.


Cold Brew Mocha Iced Coffee

This Cold Brew Mocha is smooth, bold, and chocolatey. It’s deliciously refreshing and the perfect caffeinated boost. But the best part? It’s so easy to make! 

  • 1-2 Parts Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate, Black Coffee 
  • 1 Part Grass-fed Whole Milk, or Almond Milk, (or your favorite dairy alternative)
  • 1 Tbs Organic Chocolate Syrup (adjust to taste)

Fill your glass (we use mason jars around here 😉 ) 1/2 way up with ice – try to avoid crushed ice, it melts faster. In another glass, mix milk or dairy alternative with as much or as little chocolate syrup. (This is why I love making my own at home – I know EXACTLY what the ingredients are and can control the sweetness/sugar content). Stir until incorporated. Pour 1-2 parts Cold-Brew Concentrate over ice (I find that 1 part is enough for me). Pour chocolate milk into cup. Drizzle extra chocolate syrup on top for added fun and a little flair! Half cold brew, half chocolate milk, 100% delicious. 



Chameleon Cold-Brew concentrate is available in 32 oz flavors: Black, Vanilla, and Espresso. You can find Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate at your local Publix OR Kroger!

There are so many other ways to make Chameleon ColdBrew Concentrate your own:

  • Try making a protein-packed shake or smoothie, with just a splash of cold-brew concentrate
  • Keep it classic by mixing in two parts concentrate, 1 part liquid (water, milk, or nut milk) to make a coffee drink
  • Enjoy it in your favorite frappe, latte, iced coffee, etc.
  • Blend and freeze to make a popsicle


You can visit for all sorts of delicious recipes to try! Including this one I plan on making ASAP – Mocha Mint Cold Brew Popsicles (UM YUM).

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