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5 Simple Ways to Wish Your Out of Town Sweetie a Happy Valentines Day

Our Valentine’s tradition seems to be spending it apart… I think this is the 5th or 6th year in a row?… but who’s counting 😉 We’ve always made the most of it, and honestly it’s ok! Though Valentines Day is more of a family thing for us (i’m a total girl mom – think tutus, dance parties, heart coloring and cookie baking) but I will admit, sometimes I do get caught up in the romantic hype. Would it be nice to do something traditionally Valentines related ON Valentines day?? Sure. Who wouldn’t like that?! BUT, with M’s crazy schedule, it’s not always possible. So here are a few ways we’ve made the most out of this little holiday – sometimes even MILES and miles apart!

5 Simple Ways to Wish Your Out of Town Sweetie a Happy Valentines Day

1. Handwritten letters – this is one of my most very favorite things in the world (this probably says a lot about my love language) but a letter or note, written by hand, means the absolute world. It takes thought, effort, and time – which is greatly appreciated!!

2. Flowers/Chocolate Strawberries – M has always been great about surprising me with flowers and/or chocolate covered strawberries (a personal fave of mine), especially when he’s not in town for a special occasion. There are so many great delivery services that help let someone know you are thinking about them.

3. Small gifts – small gifts that reflect your significant others personality is a fun way to show them how much you appreciate them. If M is out of town, I can have it mailed to his hotel – Amazon and Etsy are some of my favorite places to score fun little gifts!

4. Food – yep. Food delivered. Nothing says I love you like food where you don’t have to cook and barely have a clean-up – especially when you have kids. This may even be better than handwritten letters!! haha totally kidding.. (maybe).

5. Handmade gifts – this takes a little more time and planning if you have to ship it, but it’s especially worth it if you have kids and send something they made. Bonus if you can make something with your kiddo’s picture on it. Pinterest is my BFF when it comes to creative/easy ideas.

Valentines Day

Generally M has been home within a week or so of Valentines Day, so we can either schedule a date night before or after the holiday. I’ll be honest, at this point in the crazy, i’ll take any date night/date day we can get! Are you spending Valentines Day away from your sweetie? How do you like to show them you are thinking about them?

xo J

PS – look at us babies!!


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