Wood Panel Accent Wall
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DIY: Wood Panel Bathroom Accent Wall

We discovered a tiny leak a couple of months ago in our master shower. It was leaking into the basement! (water = horror!!) Fortunately for us, it was a new leak and hadn’t done any damage. However, we did need to rip out the whole shower and replace it. I can’t wait to share with you the final product! I have just a couple more design details I want to finish before I call it a day. UNTIL then, I will show you the accent wall we just finished in the toilet room.

DIY: Wood Panel Bathroom Accent Wall 

DIY Pallet or Wood Panel Bathroom Accent Wall DIY Pallet or Wood Panel Bathroom Accent Wall

I got the idea from Pinterest (no shocker there) but in the picture I saw, they had used wood from pallets. I really loved that look, but decided to go with something a little more uniform. We chose to use cedar boards (I love the wood grain pattern in cedar).

Since we had the toilet out from replacing tile, we wanted to go ahead and get this wall done. Can I say EASY?! (If you don’t have a saw, or don’t feel like cutting the boards yourself) you can measure the area and have Home Depot or Lowes cut your boards in the store, then you stain and install all in one day. We used Minwax Dark Walnut. No prestain and no poly.

Also, most of the time I know exactly what I want as far as accents/decor, but obviously have the hardest time finding what matches with the idea in my head OR can’t stomach the price of some similar items. That’s why I just make it.

DIY Rustic Wreath 

DIY Rustic Wreath

  • Rustic wreath – Joann Fabric
  • Flowers – White Cherry Blossom
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

This outrageously easy. Cut all the flowers off and hot glue them to the wreath in a sporadic pattern… otherwise known as no pattern at all. Bam. Took you 15 min and saved you at least $30.

DIY Rustic Wreath and Wood Accent Wall DIY Bathroom Accent Pallet Wall

I might be slightly obsessed with wood projects 🙂 Happy crafting!!

xox – J

Just your average southern girl! Girl mama and wife to the love of my life <3


  • this abundant life

    That wall looks amazing! You are so right about the cedar boards, they have great texture and grain! I have been wanting to try something like that in our playroom upstairs, but I have been a little intimidated by the baseboards. Did you remove the baseboard just on that wall or did you have to take them all out and recut them to fit?

    • jschulman&company

      Thank you!! Actually, we did not remove the baseboards. That probably is the wrong way to do it lol, but we decided since the cedar was BARELY thicker than the baseboard at the bottom and there was no crown molding to deal with, to not have to deal with recutting baseboards to fit. Since it was behind the toilet it really did not matter. We are planning on doing a similar wall on the landing to the basement, but will most likely install the stained boards behind the baseboards since that is a more visible area. Good luck! We love the way it turned out. Post pictures if you do decide to tackle that 🙂

      • this abundant life

        I did a board and batten treatment in my son’s room and didn’t remove the baseboards either. If you lay on the floor you can see that the battens (or is it boards???) slightly hang over the baseboards, but how often does someone lay on the floor? Well, besides my son! 🙂 Thanks for the info!

    • jschulman&company

      Thank you! Yes, we just attached the boards to the wall directly with nails 🙂 approx 4 – 6 nails in each board (because my hubby is a little bit of an over achiever LOL!) but also to prevent any chance of bowing.

  • Rich

    Looks great. Did you just butt the boards up against one another? Did you paint a dark color behind the wall to conceal gaps?

    • jschulman&company

      Hi Rich! Yes, to both questions. We did paint the wall a dark color first, even though the boards were pretty straight and there weren’t many gaps when we butted them up together. Different project, but I did a faux shiplap wall where I put pennies as spacers – I painted the wall white prior to hanging any boards (the final shiplap color was going to be white) so that is definitely a step I recommend, because getting a paintbrush between boards is a pain!

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