Kicking bottled water and living better with Brita!

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I’m a water snob. There, I said it. My husband already knows this to be true, but when it comes to water, I can be picky!

Though we joke at home about my high standards for good water, really it can be boiled down to two simple things 1. I like clean tasting water, and 2. I like knowing that my water is free from contaminants that can potentially endanger mine and my family’s health.

As a busy mom, the convenience of bottled water is just too easy. I found myself grabbing bottled water often, convinced I drank more when it was pre-bottled, convinced it was “healthier”, and convinced it tasted better than the water in my own home. However, through our changes to become a cleaner and greener home, I soon realized how much we were spending on water and just how much of an impact bottled water has on the environment.

I wanted to share a few sobering facts that helped me realize how wasteful bottled water is, and why I needed to make more of a conscious effort to ditch it  –

  1. 2,000 plastic water bottles are used every second
  2. It takes 450 years for those plastic water bottles to decompose
  3. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean

These facts made me think about the world we are leaving for our children, and our grandchildren and their children! Drinking filtered water instead of bottled can help reduce our plastic waste. With Brita’s Longlast filter, I can replace up to 1,800 single-use plastic bottles a year with water that not only tastes amazing but also has 99% less Lead, Mercury, Chlorine, Benzene, and more.


When I first made the switch, I was concerned obviously about the taste, but also about the space for the pitcher in my fridge and the longevity of the filter. Well, the water passes my picky taste test with flying colors – the filter removes odors and impurities for better tasting water. The space concern is a non-issue – I LOVE having cold water that tastes better than bottled! And the longevity?? Brita’s Longlast filter is the longest lasting Lead removing filter – the filter lasts 6 months! Plus, it makes a great “tea pot” for our afternoon tea parties 🙂



Life is #betterwithBrita and we are loving it! Learn more about Brita Longlast and find out how to get it HERE.











Sometimes we don’t have time to get out the girls actual tea set, so one of our favorite activities during a busy week is quickly laying out our Gathre mat, putting out a few cookies, grabbing our trusty Brita pitcher (aka the Tea Pot) and wallah, instant Tea Party! Hope ya’ll have a great week!




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