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Hassle-Free Hydration, Without the Waste!

This post is sponsored by Brita but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

One of our big goals this year was to make more sustainable swaps – including reducing the amount of bottled water we consume as a family. As a self proclaimed “water snob” this was a hard habit for me to break, especially when on the road!

We’ve done an incredible amount of traveling this year, between vacations, moving, weddings, etc, we’ve sure packed on the miles (and hotel stays)! So naturally, packing extra bottles of water for a road trip or grabbing cases of water to keep in the hotel room is the “normal” course of action when traveling as a family – no one wants to deal with a tired, thirsty toddler (or mom for that matter!)

That’s why I am LOVING my Brita Filtering Bottle. It ensures I get great-tasting water wherever our travels take us!


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It has a filter directly in the straw for cleaner-tasting water and hassle-free hydration anywhere, without the waste.

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Its unique stainless steel design features double wall insulation to keep water cold for up to 24 hours. They are also cup holder friendly – a road-trip must!



These are a few of the facts that helped me realize how wasteful bottled water is, and why we as a family, needed to make more of a conscious effort to ditch it –

  1. Over 2,000 plastic water bottles are used every second
  2. It takes 450 years for those plastic water bottles to decompose
  3. Enough plastic to fill a dump truck ends up in oceans every minute
  4. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean
  5. 70% of plastic bottles are NOT recycled

It’s terrible, but these are FACTS. It made me look at my kids and think about the world we are leaving them… and our grandchildren and their children!


Making a simple sustainable swap, like drinking filtered water instead of bottled water, can help reduce our plastic waste. By using my Brita Filtering bottle I can replace up to 1,800 single-use plastic bottles a year with water that tastes amazing.



I’m making the #SwapforSustainability by replacing my old habit of drinking bottled water with the Brita Filtering Bottle. How are you making sustainable swaps?

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