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Snack Time with Quinn

This post is sponsored by Quinn Snacks but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Through a series of elimination diets for myself and my eldest daughter, we discovered that gluten was not on our list of “friendly food” items. Not kidding, it took over a year to figure out that gluten, and also too much pasteurized dairy products, were at the root of my daughters horrible case of eczema. And when I mean horrible, I mean, whole body eczema. Not only did she have discolored rough patches in all of the “typical” locations eczema tends to appear, her whole body felt like sandpaper. She had patches on her face, on her back, down her legs… as a parent, it was terrible to see your child like that. As much as I wish I could go back in time and make the changes we know now, sooner, I can say I am grateful for the knowledge I gained (and still gain) through our experience with sensitivities. It was because of her sensitive skin, and stomach, that we took a good look at what we were putting on our skin, in our bellies and using in our home.

I first discovered Quinn while I was on the hunt for gluten free, good-for-you snacks that didn’t taste like cardboard. We tried them all. Finally, we found Quinn Pretzels at our local Whole Foods (also available on Amazon) – the gluten free angels sang when we picked up a bag.

They are whole grain, non-GMO Project verified, gluten free, amazingly crunchy, salty and delicious pretzels. Sorghum flour, one of their primary ingredients, is an ancient grain that is more sustainable than other grains due to it’s longer root structures which require less water. It is a whole grain and is naturally gluten-free.

Quinn pretzels are fondly referred to the “ones in the blue bag” by my picky, GF 4yr. So when I had the opportunity to partner with Quinn to share these with you, I jumped at the chance since we already love them in our house 🙂

They make the perfect school snack, tea party snack, playhouse snack, midnight mama needs something salty snack, etc.

I love their “farm-to-bag” concept, where you can go online to see exactly where everything in your bag of pretzels was grown. Just type in the batch number on their website to see where all the ingredients came from, right down to the farm! As a mom who likes to stay informed, I love when companies take the extra step to be transparent. With whole grains and organic ingredients, I can feel good feeding these to my kiddos!

Quinn gluten free snacks j schulman

PS. Quinn also offers popcorn, which we love just as much! It’s one of G’s favorite after-school snacks 🙂

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