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DIY Succulent Pumpkin Planter – Perfect Fall Decor!

I have been wanting to make a Succulent Pumpkin planter for years now! I’m so glad I finally did because it was super easy and turned out so cute! The perfect addition to your fall decor or a Thanksgiving table scape!

Materials Needed:

  • Pumpkin – we chose squattier (is that even a word?) pumpkins because I love the shape and colors. But you could totally do any of the more traditional pumpkin shapes! It would be so pretty to create a holiday table scape full of different shapes and sizes.
  • Succulents – choose a variety based on the size pumpkin or pumpkins you are using for your planter. I like to include larger “statement” plants, trailers and little ones to fill the spaces.
  • Rocks – we had leftover rocks from our fish tank so I just used those. But any little rocks to help with drainage will do (remember succulents life
  • Planting Soil
  • Plastic container or something to place inside of the pumpkin
  • Decorative moss – I had some leftover from a different project (from Michaels) used as filler at the end.

Aside from the cutting part, my girls were pretty hands on with this project. From picking the pumpkins and succulents, to putting it all together.

Cut out the top portion to the size of your container and scoop out the insides.

Add rocks and potting soil.

Fill gaps with moss…. and tada! Done.

I’ve seen plenty of tutorials where they plant directly into the pumpkin, or even super glue the moss and succulents to the top of the pumpkins, but I liked this method best. One side note, next time I will try to give the empty pumpkins a bleach bath or essential oil soak to help preserve the pumpkin planter a little bit longer.

It really turned out so gorgeous, that I may make a few more to incorporate into our Thanksgiving table set up!

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