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    Words of the New Year

    I’m a total sucker for New Years Resolutions. I’m a natural-born list maker so this makes total sense. But really, I love the excuse for a fresh start, even if it’s just another day or another page on a calendar. As I get older, and busier, I have adopted a different “resolution” method. Instead of specifics like traveling more, working out every day of the week or promising myself I am not going to eat so much chocolate and wine (who am I kidding) – I have started to pick words or phrases at the recommendation of several smart people ūüėȬ†¬†

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    Only A Page In The Book

    It wasn‚Äôt exactly pretty, but we did it. We made it through the first two weeks of training. Only 29ish more weeks to go‚Ķ I‚Äôve had that saying ‚Äúthe days are long, but the years are short‚Ä̬†on replay in my mind‚Ķ just as a little reminder and encouragement to myself

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    What Defines You?

    This post started out as sort of a depressing thought I was having at the end of my husbands long work weekend. For those of who who don’t know my hubby is a LEO. And for those of you who may live under rocks, they, like doctors, firefighters, nurses, etc. work ridiculously stupid long hours.

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    Productivity Boost!

    Whether we are working professionals in the corporate world, stay at home parents, busy students, bloggers, or perhaps even retired, each of us have a list of responsibilities and tasks that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. Some people are naturally gifted in the area of self motivation and productivity, others need consistent fresh ideas and coaxing to get things done. Although I would like to argue this point some days Рthere are the same amount of hours in a day, for everyone. As a mother working from home, I am ALWAYS looking for fresh ways to boost my productivity.

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    Better to be busy than bored.

    Better to be busy than bored. Or at least thats what I keep telling myself! On top of our normal chaos, I have been incredibly blessed with several business opportunities recently, of which I am incredibly grateful for. I not only get to stay at home with my daughter, I am able to pursue my career and contribute to the family financially. I have confidence that I am following God’s plan, as when I had our daughter, we made a few big decisions to ensure our priorities were in the correct order according to what God put on¬†our hearts.

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    Celebrating 2 Years of Marriage!

    Two years, a dog, a car, a house, and a baby later (plus a whole lot more craziness in between) and I love you more than the day I married you. Happy anniversary to the most dedicated, hard working, loyal, always makin' me laugh, my baby's daddy, love of my life! Marriage has been the greatest adventure of my life by far and I'm blessed to have found this guy to experience it with!