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29. My Golden Year

I just turned 29 (and yes, in fact, I did cringe when I typed out that number) and according to the internet, this is my “golden year”. Though, I think it’s going to be special in more ways than one. 


A lot of life has happened this past year for my family and I, but you know, as hard as it’s been, it’s also been so good. I’ve always been a “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” type of person – I guess it’s my way of coping when things suck – which I suppose has been useful this year because now, it’s more like, when life gives you a shit ton of lemons, I better start making lemonade, lemon pie, lemon tarts, and my personal fave, lemon drops. Though, i’ll admit, I definitely learned that some lemons are a little more bitter than others. Nevertheless, we’ve traveled, seen, done, loved, lost, and grown from all of the experiences.

With all that has gone on and how much “growing up” i’ve done this past year, turning 29 was just the cherry on top – one of those milestones where I can press the reset button and embrace some of the realizations of life.

I’ve realized (or at least personally embraced), “life is about progress, not perfection”. Stop waiting on things to be perfect – just GO, just DO, just SEE, just BE. Travel, explore, and adventure as much as possible. Not take myself so seriously, stop being so hard on myself, and do what makes me happy. Slow down and enjoy the blessings in front of you. Focus on relationships – God, family, friendships. Material things DON’T matter and shouldn’t hold you back. Life can be brutal, no doubt, but it can also be so, so beautiful, if only you have the eyes to see.



A friend shared the other day that realizing you only have one life, and that you only have God to answer to for it, was extremely liberating. I couldn’t agree more. So here’s to my last year in my 20’s – a year with a cross country move, a new home, more dancing with my daughter, definitely more ice-cream, more family and friends, and more adventures <3

xo J



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