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    Paleo Salmon Cake Recipe

    I am pretty excited to share these. I LOVE crab cakes, and salmon cakes, and tuna cakes… for real. Growing up and in college I was famous for making weird concoctions including whatever “cake” thing I could make. Baby #2 has me craving seafood. Like sushi, salmon, crab legs, you name it. Weird huh? Even better news about these cakes, my super picky toddler loved them (dipped in hummus of course). 

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    Healthy Greek Chicken Gyros

    I have found myself on a quest to find yummy paleo and/or gluten free meals. My daughter has shown signs of gluten sensitivity so that is what kicked my “mama bear” booty into gear. The other night I made a gluten free version of something I think i’ve had once in my life… Greek Chicken Gyros on Chickpea “flatbread” with homemade Tzatziki sauce. Since I don’t know what they were supposed to taste like, I had to rely on my hubby and toddlers taste buds to let me know if it was a success or not lol. Happy to report I got the thumbs up on adding this to the regular…