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    The Art of Being Grateful + 5 Tips On Starting a Gratitude Journal

    Earlier this month I shared some personal experiences and realizations that spurred my my goals for 2018. Reset + Refresh + Renew is a little snapshot of a bigger story. It’s the “why” in why I am focusing on self care this year, particularly through enriching my Body, Mind and Soul while also working to discover the connection between the three. Today’s post can be nestled under caring for the MIND. Gratitude as an Art Form Life is hard. Life is unfair. Life sometimes leaves you confused, overwhelmed, and sad. Life can be lonely. Life is also beautiful. Life is joyful. Life is generous. Life is brilliantly full.

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    Where is my Sweet Baby?! Surviving Teething

    WHAT happened to my sweet and happy baby!? I feel like someone has abducted my happy go-lucky little girl.  I certainly did not sign up for this program! Ah, enter the era of teething. Boy is it interesting. G (7mo) had been seriously drooling for the past month or so, and I was expecting it to get worse, but wow, i’d be lying if I didn’t say these past few days have been challenging! I know she is miserable, which makes me miserable, which makes my husband miserable, which makes our whole house one big fat miserable hot mess!