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Where is my Sweet Baby?! Surviving Teething

WHAT happened to my sweet and happy baby!? I feel like someone has abducted my happy go-lucky little girl.  I certainly did not sign up for this program! Ah, enter the era of teething. Boy is it interesting. G (7mo) had been seriously drooling for the past month or so, and I was expecting it to get worse, but wow, i’d be lying if I didn’t say these past few days have been challenging! I know she is miserable, which makes me miserable, which makes my husband miserable, which makes our whole house one big fat miserable hot mess!

I grew up with 7 siblings and I nannied most of my life, so the “mom thing” has come pretty natural for me. BUT no amount of babysitting, siblings, or people’s advice can really, truly prepare you for motherhood, especially those “difficult” stages. Actually living it is so different than just talking about it or preparing for it! Although I do ask for advice (and appreciate it), I have (re)realized that not only is every family different, every baby is different, and what worked well for Suzie Q and her baby won’t necessarily work for me and my kid. I’ve learned, that because of this, I shouldn’t get discouraged or think “what’s wrong with my baby, she won’t do this like so-and-so’s kid”. Try suggested methods, but remember that it may or may not work, and that is totally ok! Some kids have horrible teething issues, and some skate by with nothing more than a little bit of drool (ugh jealous).

The worst thing a parent can do is compare. Comparing children is like comparing different types of flowers. Each requires a different set of needs in order to thrive. Some are hard keepers, some are easy keepers, some need full sun and some need partial shade…each is unique, yet, all are equally as beautiful.

The old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” couldn’t be any more accurate. From Day 1 I needed the help and guidance of my mom, Le Leche League International, the lactation consultants at the hospital, not to mention the support from my hubby to ensure my breastfeeding journey was a success. I may share my story on that later, but if I hadn’t been so determined to breastfeed, and if I didn’t have help and support, it would have been 1,001 times easier to just give up. Is it possible to do it alone? Absolutely, but why when you have so many willing individuals waiting (and desperately wanting) to help! If I hadn’t asked for help, or refused the help that was offered… we would probably be totally fine, but perhaps just missing out on some of the richness of motherhood (ie. breastfeeding). I am the first one to want to do things myself, or learn my own way (stubbornness from my mother I suppose), but I really, truly see the value in community. Anyways, my point is the “village” gives you the opportunity to live out your vocation as a mom to it’s fullest extent. With it you find an expansion of knowledge, experience, ideas, support, encouragement, love, and prayers. Something very few of us could honestly say they didn’t want or appreciate. In regard to the loveliness of teething (and any other difficult period in your journey) reach out to your “village”. Ask for help, ideas, encouragement, or simply just an ear to listen. Find what works best for you and your family and go with it!

Teething Tips to Try:

  • Baths – Seriously. Cranky baby? Just add water.
  • Frozen Washcloth – Just wet a washcloth, put it in the freezer and pull it out whenever your baby needs to chew on something. G seems to really like the texture of it as it thaws.
  • Mesh Munchkin Teethers – are such a clever invention. I freeze homemade baby food or breastmilk in ice trays and pop those in there. She LOVES them.
  • Rubber spatulas – I think she likes it because it came out of mommy’s drawer and it looks like she shouldn’t have it. ((I only give it to her to play with in her highchair – that way I can monitor her))
  • Hyland’s Teething Tablets – All Natural. Homeopathic. Awesome.
  • Carrots – Just a peeled, regular organic carrot. Fun for them to hold and gum away at. I like it cause its simple, natural, and she gets to explore a new taste.
  • Baby Wearing – I am a huge fan of #babywearing. Your babyIMG_2646 is uncomfortable and wants to be comforted. I have used/own Moby Wrap, Baby K’tan, Ergo and Solly Baby Wrap. Each one has their own perks. It takes a little bit to get used to doing stuff with a little person strapped to your front, but let me tell you the view is priceless. I am actually baby wearing as I type this! Ha #bloggingbabywearingmama Check out my view  –>
  • Prayer and your village – Doing things completely alone is so overrated, and a great way to burn out. Remember, God is first in line in wanting to join your “mom-hood village”. Invite him in, I promise you won’t be disappointed. As far as others in your village, accept the help that is offered to you and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Being a mom is hard work and being a sane mom is even harder LOL! Since becoming a mom myself, my respect for ALL mothers has dramatically increased. If you are reading this, call/text/email your mom and tell her THANK YOU and that you love her.

And in all reality, the time they want/need you is so short in the grand scheme of things. As for me? I have come to terms that not much will get done today, just soaking in these looks <3


xox – J

Just your average southern girl! Girl mama and wife to the love of my life <3


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