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18 Week Bumpdate + Feeling Beautiful

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. – Audrey Hepburn

Hard to believe I am almost halfway through my second pregnancy! Ha, I feel so old. The first 15-16 weeks with this little nugget were a little bit of a doozy but I am thankfully feeling much better. This go round has been a little harder on me than the first pregnancy.Granted, I am chasing an overactive toddler, while last time I spent most of my week sitting at a desk, so that partly explains why I am extra tired. Although with all of this extra “moving” I wonder why my body is a little uh… “cushier” this go round.

The first trimester and beginning of the second are hard to feel “beautiful” because you are not obviously pregnant, you haven’t quite felt your baby move, and you just feel overly run down and depressed because your pants are all too tight. Yes, yes… it’s all for a good and worthwhile cause, trust me I wouldn’t trade it! You just get a little down when you feel emotional, tired, and well… pudgy.

In an effort to be kinder to myself, and feel more “beautiful” I decided to be MUCH less stubborn this go round as far as diving into maternity clothes. I know those comfy elastic waistbands are just a-waitin for me!

Speaking of maternity clothes… I wish I would have known about Pinkblush Maternity while I was pregnant and working in an office full time. Their line is SO cute and actually affordable.


I am LOVING this maternity top from Pinkblush Maternity – I wore it to a friends birthday brunch this past weekend and got several compliments on it. Super flattering and incredibly comfortable. Pants are last season non-maternity Vera Wang (definitely the last day I was able to wear those suckers).

Anyways thank you to Pinkblush for cute maternity clothes and making me feel beautiful when really I feel like I just look like I’m smuggling snacks. Next on my list is to head over there and snag some cute spring dresses before they are all gone!

Fun news for me – little nugget #2 is starting to make their presence known – more and more movement! I am totally thinking boy… (sorry babe if you’re a girl) but I have been craving Doritos and Hotdogs. Now I am on to sushi and any sort of ethnic noodle dish… no, I don’t eat raw sushi, but I will let myself enjoy some cooked or veggie sushi rolls to curb the intense cravings!


Dear sweet baby #2,

Happy 18 weeks of life little one! I am so excited that I am feeling you move more and more each day – that is by far my favorite part of being preggo! I am sorry for your big sister squishing you when we watch Mickey Mouse or read books… she’s kind of sassy and a little bit of a boss… sooo you have that to look forward to. She already knows you are growing inside my belly and will point or pat my belly when I ask her where her baby is. We pray every night for you (and the rest of our 30+ people and animals every night) although, I know you are already listening and praying along with us. Keep growing strong little one!

xo J

Just your average southern girl! Girl mama and wife to the love of my life <3

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