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    Only A Page In The Book

    It wasn’t exactly pretty, but we did it. We made it through the first two weeks of training. Only 29ish more weeks to go… I’ve had that saying “the days are long, but the years are short” on replay in my mind… just as a little reminder and encouragement to myself

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    When Hello Means Goodbye – Surviving a Stillbirth

    As I looked through my drafts of post ideas, I saw my “Baby Bumpdate” post sitting in the queue… as I stared at the title I realized something... when I was pregnant and my baby was alive and healthy, I had no problem happily posting "bump pics" and sweet little taglines on how much we loved him, how excited we were to meet him, how we couldn't wait for him to join our crazy family. He was real. He was my son. We dreamed of his future, how he was going to be my little buddy, how he was going to love cars and hockey just like his dad, and…

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    Have Child – Be Humbled

    It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. -Saint Augustine So I am convinced I have one of the loudest little people in all existence. For being so tiny she sure has a set of lungs… and no shortage of attitude. A couple of weekends ago we (rather unexpectedly) bought a car – hello new mom car! If you have ever purchased a car, particularly from a dealership, you know it is NOT a short venture. G was great! By “great” I mean in the typical active kid sense – like not sitting in your lap nicely flipping through a book, eating…

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    Paleo Salmon Cake Recipe

    I am pretty excited to share these. I LOVE crab cakes, and salmon cakes, and tuna cakes… for real. Growing up and in college I was famous for making weird concoctions including whatever “cake” thing I could make. Baby #2 has me craving seafood. Like sushi, salmon, crab legs, you name it. Weird huh? Even better news about these cakes, my super picky toddler loved them (dipped in hummus of course). 

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    Fishing for Chickens

    Yesterday I had the luxury of getting my hair done… in an actual salon… and not leaning over the sink of your hairdresser friend (no offense ladies, you know we love you to the moon and back, but there is something special and luxurious about actually getting to GO to a salon… Even the word salon sounds so much more fancier and forbidden after you have a kid. Kidding, kidding, it’s not THAT bad. Some priorities just shift post-kiddo.

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    A broken heart and a lesson learned

    Yesterday was a "typical" rainy Sunday morning. The groggy goggles were on, the hubby was long gone at work and I was running (slowly yet frantically) around trying to get ready for church and avoid wearing the exact same outfit I had on yesterday. (Dear fashionable IG moms, thanks for the pressure.) Reheated pancakes for breakfast, the dog needing to be let out and fed, I stuck her in her exerciser while I rushed about taking care of last minute things, showering and attempting the long loose curl look on my unloved-for-months hair (overkill)... seemingly out of nowhere all hell broke loose. Oh cue the drama, the crocodile tears, the…