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Little Wildflower Turns TWO!

We celebrated G turning two this past weekend and had so much fun! I am still in complete disbelief that I have a two year old. Her day was filled with lots of balloons, kisses, and cake 🙂 We loved being able to make her day extra special and spend time with so many of our amazing family and friends.


I love birthdays, and love any reason to show the birthday person how much they mean to me! On G’s first birthday, I decided that a tradition I wanted to start was to give my children a letter every year on their birthday. Obviously G can’t read quite yet, so these first few letters are more of an expression of my heart, and later, a meaningful gift she can look back and smile on when she is older.

My little wildflower on her SECOND Birthday,

I can’t believe you are already TWO. Yikes, that number seems so huge and yet so small all at once. You are every bit of two these days, and we fondly call you our little wildflower, as you would rather wander about the woods and explore where you shouldn’t than happily play where you are. You are fiercely independent and give me a run for my money daily, I think God gave you an extra battery 😉 You are incredibly smart, and incredibly opinionated. You have a set of lungs that could rival Celine Dion (no offense CD). You are not afraid of anything and will try just about anything… you are my free spirit.

Although, even with how active and independent you are, you are also as every bit loving and sweet – you are notorious for covering us with kisses and full leg hugs. You love to sing and dance whenever you can. You love cars like your daddy and horses like your mommy. Sure, you test us, but you bring so much joy, so many smiles, and endless belly laughs to our days. You are this beautiful complexity of innocence, strong will, and tender heartedness. We love you so much it legitimately hurts sometimes!!

My darling G, the world is in a sad place, it often times has my heart aching that you my sweet daughter will have to grow up in this. Someone recently told me they were apprehensive about bringing new lives into this messed up world, and, without skipping a beat my heart quickly burst, “but, this is why we NEED TO!” The world needs more good people, my love; the world needs YOU. The world needs your good heart, your infectious smile, and your fearlessly independent nature. Oh my darling, how the world needs you. Then I see, the world needs me too, to raise you with love and balance, to help guide you, to set the example for you, to help shape your potential, and to instill in you the virtues you will need to not just survive this crazy world, but to make waves in it. To be the leader and world changer I know you meant to be. There is still a lot of good in this world and you my sweet girl give me hope for the future! I am so excited to see what God has in store for you, and feel so incredibly blessed to be your mama.

With all my love sweet wildflower,



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