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When Time Passes All Too Quickly, Really Slowly. (This time it’s a good thing!!)

Now that the rush of Christmas is over, I can finally take a breather and digest the last few crazy weeks and everything I packed into them – well sort of. I seem to have jam packed each day in between Christmas and New Years as well #norestfortheweary. Anyways, the weekend before Christmas my hubby finally graduated from his federal law enforcement training. It’s been a long, long 7 months but now looking back, I can’t believe it’s already over! I seriously could not be any more proud of my hubby, and really, us as a team.

I’ll brag here for a minute – my hubs graduated as president of his class and had the honor to give a speech at his graduation ceremony. As he spoke, every reason I fell in love with him came flooding back to my mind, his dedication, hard work, loyalty, leadership and undying passion for what he does is so impressive to me. In true form, he thanked family, including myself, which brought on a flood of tears as he publicly acknowledged the sacrifices I had made on the home-front. Thanks babe, no really, we all know i’m an ugly crier.

Grad Weekend
Sadly, this was the best/only picture we got!

I made an effort to completely unplug myself while I was there and completely immerse myself in family time – my heart needed that! We enjoyed a weekend together as a family, not worrying about anything but where we were going to grab a cup of coffee or let our little G expend some energy. Which meant I totally didn’t take enough pictures. Just purely time together as a family was the best Christmas gift I could have gotten this year. I sincerely hope I never lose sight of the beautiful gift that simple time spent together as a family is over the coming years.

Grad Weekend

On 5am Monday morning I woke up in the tiny hotel room to the all familiar sound that every LEO wife loves and hates…. velcro. It had been over 7 months since I heard that sound, and it was a strange mix of emotions. I kissed him goodbye as he began his first 2-week assignment, grateful I was able to see him off on his “first day” of work, yet aware of the reality that this phase was coming to an end and another phase, with unknown challenges and unknown joys was about to begin. As much as I had immersed myself in family life and relaxed that weekend, a knot welled up in my throat again. Adventure, Phase II was just beginning.

It was incredibly difficult to leave him, G didn’t let him out of her sight the whole weekend. Yet now, as I write this, he’s due to come home in just a couple of days! So, if you don’t hear from me the next day or two, I’ll be busy cleaning the house making sure it looks like I had everything under control the past 7 months 🙈

Aside from my birthday this year (#denial) I am very much looking forward to 2017 – a lot of new beginnings, fresh starts, and plenty of adventures.

xo J


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