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What’s Up Baby Bump? 31 Week ‘Bumpdate’

I’m the absolute worst at blogging regularly and even worse at “timed” personal posts or updates. Whoops.

I have yet to do any sort of baby bump-date for this little bambino and since I do enjoy looking back at the updates I had with my first two pregnancies, I wanted to make it a point to jot some things down to remember with this little girl <3 

So here are my Top 10 Thoughts at 31 Weeks with this little girl!
(++Including a few things I can’t live without this last trimester)
  1. People keep asking me if I’m having a boy (because I am carrying her all in front) though thats how I carried G. Also, I was asked twice last week if I was having
    multiples. I don’t get offended, I just chuckle and tell them that she’s just enjoying the suite life. I may start saying, “…. what do you mean? I’m not pregnant…” and see what reactions I get hah!
    ++Burt’s Bee’s Mama Bee Body Butter – aside from making my own (which i’ve done and love) I LOVE this body butter to help combat stretch marks and itchy stretched skin.
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  2. This little girl is super active and super non-compliant. Especially about ultrasounds, monitoring, etc. Last week, it took 3 different nurses and about 25 min to get the NST monitors to work on this little girl – she kept kicking and squirming out from under them. I’m now known in the office as the one with the problem child 👌🏼 so much for a chill kiddo this go round.
  3. I had to stop wearing all tight clothing, including my beloved Support Tanks at about 30 weeks because I was having too many BH contractions. Super bummed because they helped support my back and nerve pain. So, since I can’t wear anything constricting, my staple maternity style is basically dresses and sneakers. Which will pretty much stay the same until my feet get too fat for my sneakers and I have to wear sandals or pull a Rebecca from “This Is Us” and duct tape my hubby’s flip flops to my feet.

    ++Target & Old Navy are my favorite spots to grab easy/affordable maternity basics – I have had to hem a few dresses, but it’s worth it. PinkBlush is another favorite online maternity option, though I do try to get non-maternity items I can wear after baby.

  4. We found out last week I have a hernia, interested to hear what other mamas have done to manage it for the duration of pregnancy/labor.
  5. G LOVES her little sister already. My heart can barely stand it. She talks to her, shares toys and food with the baby bump and will sit forever feeling her kick. She gets the BEST look on her face when she feels the baby move. She loves to put her cheek on my belly and have baby sis kick her face hahah…  that obviously won’t last for long but I just love the bond they’ve already started! I swear they already communicate because the baby is super responsive to G’s presence.
  6. I don’t sleep. I pee every 12 min and need to snack all day (and all night) long.
    ++ OK, so I caved and got a pregnancy pillow (a snake pillow according to my toddler) and holy cow it makes a WORLD of difference.
  7. I have had nerve pain/numbness on my upper bump/belly from the separating of my ab muscles since about 20ish weeks. I had it with my other two pregnancies but not nearly this crazy
    ++ Support Tanks are pretty much the only thing i’ve found that eases the nerve pain and supports my bump.
  8. With my first two pregnancies the placenta was situated in the front, so all movement and kicks were felt/seen but through “extra padding”. This go round little babe is RIGHT under my skin and it’s absolutely incredible. To see and feel her kick and move all day long is a totally amazing experience. I never get tired of watching my belly and feeling her move.
  9. I feel like I’m 37+ weeks, not 31 (I know, said probably most every pregnant woman in her third trimester). I’m to the point where I feel huge, but know that it does in fact get bigger.
    ++Essential Oils are my BFF when it comes to needing to unwind and combat the third trimester aches, pains and anxieties. I diffuse, have an anti-anxiety blend and put simple Lavender on my feet at night to help me sleep (ha, sleep).
  10. No crazy cravings this pregnancy! The one thing that’s been constant is I literally can’t get enough fresh berries. Fresh berries and breakfast food 🙂 With G it was apples and cereal, with Michael it was pizza and with this little girl it’s been berries and french toast!
    ++ I started ordering my groceries online and doing the pickup service. My life has been changed. It would normally take hours (including toddler bathroom breaks, entertaining her so she stays in the cart) to finish grocery shopping and now I order when she’s sleeping and easily pick up with no extra charge. BONUS. I thought it was for lazy people at first (don’t hate me) but now it is one of my best time/sanity hacks! 

xo J

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Processed with VSCO with 6 presetProcessed with VSCO with 6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset


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