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Father’s Day + JORD Watches

Somehow, I always manage to be shocked every time a holiday or annual event “shows up” on my calendar – like really, who put that there?!

Well, Father’s Day is right around the corner and I’m happy to say I am actually aware of it more than 48hrs in advance. Step 1, right?! Now for the gift giving…

I’m lucky in the fact that my hubby is super low key and never truly asks for anything – but this is partly why I LOVE giving him gifts. He is always genuinely surprised and incredibly appreciative [shameless “I love my hubby” plug] so I love upping the ‘wow’ factor and finding things that are special, unique and memorable. 

This is why I am really excited to share JORD Watches as an incredible
Father’s Day Gift idea!
(make sure you scroll to the bottom for a fun giveaway!)

JORD Wood Watch
Watch (c/o) JORD. Enter to win $100 credit (all entries get $25 off!)

I really can’t tell you how much I love these timepieces (ps. their women’s watches are just as beautiful as their men’s watches). My hubby has been wearing his (early Father’s Day permission) and gets SO many compliments on how unique and beautifully crafted it is.

JORD WOOD WATCHHe is wearing the Conway Kosso and Midnight Blue edition. This men’s watch has just enough style and sophistication to wear to the office yet it’s perfectly neutral enough to wear on our weekend family adventures.

JORD Wood Watch
Watch (c/o) JORD. Enter to win $100 credit (all entries get $25 off!)

Not only is the watch itself beautifully crafted and unique, so is the box it comes in!


JORD really takes the next step in presenting their timepieces in a complete, well thought out package that translates the very pride and care they take in crafting their timepieces to each customer.

JORD Wood Watch

$100 and $25 Giveaway!

Enter the $100 giveaway by following this link. There will be one $100 winner and all who enter will get $25 credit to use toward the purchase of a wood watch. Giveaway closes 06/18/2017 at 11:59pm. Both credit values must be used by 9/31/2017. Best of luck!


JORD Wood Watch
Watch (c/o) JORD – Enter to Win $100 to

This post was sponsored by JORD in exchange for a review. No compensation was provided. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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