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Gut Check! Why I love probiotics for my babies!

This post is sponsored by Evivo but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Is your baby’s gut healthy? How do you know? Ever wondered how you could easily tell if your baby’s gut was suffering? Since our babies can’t express themselves in words, we are left playing the guessing game or looking for certain signs.

_dsc7646Thankfully there is a simple 3-Question Baby Gut Check Quiz you can take that will help you identify whether or not your baby is one of the 9 out of 10 infants missing B. infantitis (the good bacteria in your baby’s gut)

Question 1: Were you OR your baby born via C-section?

Question 2: Were you OR your baby given antibiotics pre-delivery or post pregnancy?

Question 3: Does your baby have diaper rash OR 5+ watery poops per day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your baby’s gut may not be functioning the way it should. It’s possible that they are missing the good bacteria B. infantitis, allowing harmful bacteria to thrive within their gut system. This imbalance can be linked to a higher risk of autoimmune and metabolic issues, like colic, eczema, allergies, and obesity.


Let’s revisit the questions. What do your results mean?

  • You or your baby were born via C-section. This means you or your baby did not come in direct contact with mom’s beneficial gut bacteria. Exposure to this good bacteria has been scientifically proven to help develop a healthy gut microbiome in infants.
  • You or your baby were given antibiotics. This means the antibiotics eliminated both the good bacteria (like B. infantis) and bad bacteria (like Group B Strep) in your gut.
  • Your baby poops more than 5X a day. (yep, were parents, we talk about poop now) the amount your baby poops is a visible signal of “good” vs. “bad” bacteria in the baby’s gut. Babies with more good bacteria have fewer loose poops as they are better able to absorb all the nutrients from breast milk.  When your baby has frequent watery stools, the skin on their bottoms can be irritated, leading to diaper rash.

How do you fix the imbalance and ensure your baby’s gut is in tip top shape? Replenish the good bacteria and push out the bad bacteria! Fun fact – Evivo is the only probiotic clinically proven to restore B. infantis while reducing the potentially harmful bacteria by 80%.


The good bacteria in Evivo, B. infantis, takes advantage of the unique relationship between a baby’s gut and breast milk. The breast milk nutrients, Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), feed B. infantis, and the B. infantis helps transforms the HMOs so they can serve as valuable nutrition for your baby. In clinical trials, babies consuming Evivo and breast milk had their gut fully repopulated with the good bacteria they need 100% of the time.


So why do I love them?? Well, when bad bacteria are pushed out and good bacteria thrive, our babies are more likely to develop a healthier metabolism and a stronger immune system. A little tidbit of info I learned is that a whopping 70-80% of our bodies immune cells are located in the digestive tract.


Evivo has been my probiotic of choice with Everly – even though she is 17 months old and eating a full diet of solids, she still breastfeeds and I plan on giving it to her until she is fully weaned! We have had wonderful success with it and actually was recommended by our new pediatrician in Florida before she knew thats what I had been giving her! 



gut health for babiesHope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!!

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