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DIY: EASY Pallet Wood Sign

I have been on a crafting hiatus due to working in the corporate world, traveling, moving, having a baby, etc. Now that we are settled into our new house and I’ve got a better grasp of my new SAHWM role, I wanted an easy project that wasn’t a huge time commitment. BEHOLD my friends… pallet wood. This stuff is just a wonderful gift to us creative folk (or those of us who aspire to be crafty). We have an adorable front porch and I wanted to add a personal touch – I found something like this online and just took that as inspiration for my own project.

DIY Pallet Wood Welcome Sign:

SONY DSCMaterials:

1. Pallet wood (we asked our local Tractor Supply if we could have a pallet)
2. Stain (We used Minwax Dark Walnut)
3. Letter Stencil (We used these Americana 3″ Stencils from Michael’s) ((ps. if you don’t frequent Michael’s – be sure to search online for a coupon – they almost ALWAYS have at least a 30% off))
4. White Paint
5. Foam Paint Brush
5. Picture Hangers

So the most aggravating part about working with pallet wood is actually disassembling the pallet itself. We spent way too long prying each board off. Next time we are just going to saw them off. Anyways, I forgot to take a before picture, but our pallet was in good shape and didn’t need to be sprayed off.

We stained each board with Minwax Dark Walnut (because we were going for a rustic look, I did not pretreat the wood and I did not use any poly to finish). We actually used wooden paint stirrers to attach the boards together (simple!). We used the stirrers because they are thin (and because we have like 100 of them) because they are thin you can attach a picture from holder and your finished sign won’t hang far off from the wall.


Once the stain dried, I cut the letters and taped them to the boards ensuring everything was straight. I only bought one set of stencils so I had to reuse letters as I went along. That was fine, just make sure you wait until the paint dries or be super careful moving the letters so the paint doesn’t smear. I used the foam paint brush and dabbed the paint  on VERY lightly. I didn’t want a solid paint letter (again, think rustic) and the foam brush was great for that.

Viola! Finished product!


Happy crafting peeps!

xox – J

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